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Then it’s time to Awaken Your Metabolism, Tone Your Body and Get Functionally Fit in Just 30 Minutes with The Chris Meredith Method!

From Chris Meredith
CEO, Master Trainer
The Chris Meredith Method – TCMM Fitness


Dear Friend:

  • Are you sick of spending all of your free time in the gym and struggling with starvation diets and fads which take over your life without producing results?
  • Are you wary of injuries and advanced training programs which don’t seem realistic?
  • Have you seemingly exhausted all of your options leaving you ready to just give up on your health and fitness once and for all?

Personal Trainer Chris Meredith My name is Chris Meredith and I’m the Master Trainer at The Chris Meredith Method.

After spending 14 years professionally training clients, I’ve seen it all. I understand the frustrations involved with programs that don’t work, the latest “next great thing” which costs a fortune but doesn’t produce results, and fads which seem to take over your day to day life without offering any real or sustainable benefits.

As a young athlete sports were my priority. However, I couldn’t overcome my injuries, eventually leading to a loss of my scholarship. Instead of giving up, I shifted focus and decided to become educated on scientifically proven fitness techniques, effective nutrition strategies, and training with an emphasis on functional fitness and injury prevention.

The result is the proprietary method utilized at TCMM Fitness, where you’ll need just 90 minutes of exercise per week (three 30-minute sessions) to get into the best shape of your life. There are no tricks or gimmicks, just innovative and intelligent strategies, and a comprehensive approach to your health and fitness which leaves no stone unturned.

Don’t give up on yourself, the way you feel, and the way you look. At TCMM Fitness, we guarantee you’ll see the fitness success you’ve been craving.

“Lost 13.6 Lbs and over 5% body fat”

in just 8 weeks. Way to go John!!

John Comstock
“Lost 9.6 Lbs & 9 inches”

in just 8 weeks!

Stephanie Cohen
“After years of trying to eat right and exercise AND NOT getting results, I realized I could no longer do it on my own.”

After years of trying to eat right and exercise AND NOT getting results, I realized I could no longer do it on my own. For years I have been very conscious of what I was doing (exercise & diet) due to family health issues (diabetes, back problems) I was getting NO results on my own and I really needed to ‘up’ my game from an aesthetic AND health perspective.

One of my friends referred me to Chris. Until working out with The Chris Meredith Method, I had been guessing at what exercises I should be doing to successfully achieve my results. I don’t do well in fluffy aerobic classes where clapping and shouting are required. The 30 minute, high-intensity workout was JUST what I needed! Quick, down, dirty and effective! Chris and his staff are not ones to let you sandbag your way through the workout. They have a special way of motivating you and making you WANT more and GET more out of your workout.

Since beginning my training at TCMM, I have lost 40 lbs of fat and 20+ inches!”

Testimonial Picture
“You and your team are the BEST”

Thank you Chris…
I’m skiing better than ever because of your methods! It’s been two great seasons in a row and I even had the stamina to teach a group of 1st graders at Alpental in 2012. Sometimes I had to pick them up off the snow, grab them and spin them around, even hike up the hill if their skis fell off. BUT- no pains the next day, and lots of fun!
You and your team are the BEST.

Andrea H
Testimonial Picture
“I have become stronger, increased my stamina”

In the first 12 weeks consisting of 3 sessions a week of fast paced, focused, and well orchestrated thirty-minute workouts, I have become stronger, increased my stamina, and have changed the appearance of my entire body.

“Robert’s 23 year old son can’t believe his dad can out-run him now!”

Right away, the weight started falling off me — especially the stubborn belly fat.
Within a few short months I had lost over 20 pounds of the weight I hadn’t been able to drop before. I went from a size 36 jean to size 32 (I’m 53 and haven’t been size 32 since college).


Twice the Results in Half the Time with the Proven TCMM Fitness Approach

At TCMM Fitness, we don’t want to take up all of your time, run you into the ground or anything else. We design our routines to get you in and out in 30 minutes or less, while you improve your strength, endurance, balance, stability, agility, core strength and cardio stamina all at once.

You’ll improve your metabolism, you’ll gain energy, and you’ll look and feel better than ever.

You can lose up to 9 inches from your waist in the first 28 days, and we guarantee that you’ll be pleased with your own success as well. We will teach you to be accountable for your goals and to make the most of your efforts. With Redmond personal training at TCMM Fitness, you’ll work your butt off – literally!

It’s time to take control and get started with the effective, proven methods of The Chris Meredith Method.

The Chris Meredith Method: Redmond Personal Training




  • Small group training offering personal attention at a great priceanna corrected_testimonial_02
  • Quick 30 minute workouts just three times per week
  • Powerful, personalized nutritional program
  • Cutting-edge supplement program
  • Gain energy and improve your all-around health
  • Quick fat loss plus functional strength building and toning
  • Innovative and fun equipment including TRX®, Bosu®, kettlebells, battle ropes and punching bags
  • Constantly changing routines – no workouts are ever the same
  • Satisfaction guaranteed!

Our program is tailored to you and you’ll benefit from our proven expertise and our innovative, cutting-edge workout routines and strategies.

You’ll also find a friendly and attentive environment, where all fitness levels are accommodated, everyone is welcome, and all of our clients push one another to succeed and stay motivated.

The Chris Meredith Method is different from what you may have found elsewhere and it’s a superior solution to change your life, your health, and your fitness once and for all.

Be warned – common side effects of TCMM Fitness include shrinking waistlines, toning muscles, and more turning heads.

comparison chart

The Chris Meredith Method Redmond Personal Training Program Other Redmond Personal Trainers & Programs
Quick and effective 30 minute workouts Long workouts and seemingly endless time at the gym
Innovative and fun training routines Old equipment and ideas, boring, stale routine
Complete health and fitness system Focused only on your exercise, not your total health
All fitness levels, ages, bodies and backgrounds welcomed Intimidating or out of reach for beginners
Testimonial Picture
“I have a 6-pack now”

I am 6′2 and was 184lbs. As I was aging, my body wasn’t working like it did when I was in my 20’s and 30’s.
I’ve gone from 185lbs to 168lbs. My pants size has dropped from a tight 34inch to a loose 32inch! I have a 6-pack now.
Turning 56 in June feeling great without the previous back pains.

Testimonial Picture
“Eliminated 20 lbs and over 5 inches from his waistline in 12 weeks”
Testimonial Picture
“Eliminated 17lbs in 16 weeks”
  • Eliminated 17lbs in 16 weeks.
  • Improved posture to stand 1 full inch taller!
  • Improved muscular strength & endurance drastically
  • Is now comfortable in fitted sweater for the 1st time
Testimonial Picture
“I lost 5 years of fat in 1 month”

Struggled with weight for years til The Chris Meredith Method Training Studio: Since then he lost 5 years of fat in 1 month.

Three weeks later after working out with Chris 2x a week, I discovered I lost my “arm rest” aka belly
Before I started, I had lower back pains. Went to my doctor and my blood pressure was also high. I went in today nearly a month later for a follow up check up. No back pains, but most of all… my blood pressure is NORMAL!

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The largest obstacle standing in the way of your fitness and weight loss success is simply taking action and deciding to get started with the right training program. We want to make the decision as easy and risk-free as possible for all of our new clients. Which is why we offer our special 30 Day Money Back Guarantee:

CLICK HERE to register for personal training in Redmond or call 206.914.4869

With The Chris Meredith Method, you’ll learn how to revolutionize your approach to health, fitness, training, and nutrition. You’ll get in and out in just 30 minutes or less, and you’ll enjoy fun, innovative workouts in a friendly and attentive environment.

Even if it seems like you’ve tried every program out there, don’t give up on yourself just yet. We’ll help you see twice the results in half the time and your satisfaction is guaranteed with our small group Redmond personal training.

It’s time to improve the way you look and feel each and every day by utilizing the proven, cutting-edge strategies for fitness success offered at TCMM Fitness!

Committed to Your Optimum fitness

Chris Meredith

CEO, “Master Trainer”,
TCMM Personal Trainer
Redmond WA 98052
206 914 4869


PS. With our 30 day satisfaction guarantee there’s absolutely no risk to get started. When you’re ready to fit back into your favorite jeans, turn more heads, and be at your absolute best – sign up with TCMM Fitness today and begin transforming your life. We’ll see you at the studio!

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