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Are you ready for your best summer body ever, in weeks instead of months? I do what the big box gyms only wish they could do with my PROVEN muscle-toning, fat-torching system using only REAL food and no-machine exercises. No expensive shakes, pills, powders, DVDs, or gadgets. None.

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Ready to get in the best shape of your life AND win an iPad? Join our 6 Week Body Transformation program. Starts this Monday and is suitable for anyone, even if you have never worked out before. Join the Weight Loss Revolution!

Why do you join a big box gym? Because you want results, right? And you want them fast without having to spend hours every day getting them. Why are people leaving the big box gyms in droves and coming to my program?

Simple: I get you results. I remember your name. I answer your emails. Oh, and did I mention I know how to get you results?

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Chris-Meredith-picI’m Chris Meredith, certified personal trainer & body transformation expert. My mission in life is to help YOU get in the best shape of YOUR life and I have been doing this for over 15 years.

I hated seeing people work for months on end with a personal trainer, spending thousands of dollars and only seeing minor progress. I saw my friends on Facebook post check-ins at the local big box gyms and never seeing any results, and I knew there had to be a better way.

In 2009, I created my fat loss and functional fitness program and started seeing amazing results immediately with my clients. I discovered that when you created a specific meal plan for each person, and coupled that with intense but short bursts of exercise, the results came faster and faster. Put that in a group setting with amazing online chat group support and you have a low-cost, amazingly effective program that no big box gym can match. In fact, most of the big box gyms in my area are beginning to use the same equipment I’ve been using for years—but when it comes down to it, their “one-size-fits-all” knock-off programs fail to deliver results like mine over and over again.

Pounds Lost since 2009

3407 lbs and counting

When you join a typical gym, you get the sales pitch—how you have to sign a contract for a year to really get results. And then they tell you about the “amenities” you can get —that are all going to cost you even more money—upgraded private locker rooms, upgraded private showers, upgraded personal training, upgraded classes that you have to pay for, expensive “whole food” shakes, etc.

But all you want to do IS LOSE WEIGHT and LOVE YOUR BODY. Do you really want to spend hours and hours every day at the gym? Really? Not to mention half your paycheck…

3 Week Super Summer Shape Up Program


Of course not. That’s why I’ve created my weight loss & fitness program and the  21 Day Summer Slim Down Program. It’s designed for those who are not afraid to admit that pills, memberships, gadgets, videos, weight loss shakes, expensive foods, and all that stuff just doesn’t work. What does work is exercise and a specifically-designed meal plan, period. I know how to get these results for you. We may not be the fanciest or the biggest place in town, but who cares when all you really want is to get fit, once and for all? I know how to make it happen, and I can make it finally happen for you, too. No matter what shape you’re in right now, even if you have never exercised or you hate to cook, I can take you to where you want to be with tons of support, motivation, and the exact methods to get you there.

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