An Absolute Must-Do If Ya Wanna Get Fit (Do This Before Anything Else)…

This Could Make The Difference Between Reaching Your Fitness Goals And Complete Failure… So If you wanna make some serious progress that is measureable, keep reading!
Do you want to wanna trim down and get in the best shape of your life? Have you ever started up an exercise & nutrition program and failed to achieve the results you desire?…the results that could help you stick to your resolutions for life? Then this post is especially important for you to read, re-read & apply the strategies to your own program now! I’m going to share my trade secrets here that I apply to get my clients great results. So pay attention.

A little of my background:

  • Certified Personal Trainer for more than 11 years now
  • For a good chunk of those years I was in charge of hiring, training and developing teams of personal trainers who have helped well over 500 people achieve, and in many cases, exceed their fitness goals
  • I’ve been contracted and flown to Japan to set up corporate wellness programs and lead corporate wellness boot camps
  • I’ve personally competed in many athletic sports including wrestling, football, track & field, bowling, and natural bodybuilding, to name a few
  • When I was in Jr High and High School, I never understood what over-training was. Rest was not part of my plan. And as a result, I suffered many injuries and had to pass up many opportunities (but that’s a sob story for another time).

To make a long story short, I know my stuff when it comes to health and fitness. I’ve done it wrong and experienced the pains and disappointments and now I know how to do it right. I’ve seen it from both sides. Anyway, let’s get down to the meat and potatoes of this post.
Before I get into “The Big-5″, I’d like to mention a few major benefits of regular exercise:

  • trim inches, burn fat
  • increased strength, endurance, function
  • more energy, stamina, faster recovery from physical tasks
  • improved flexibility, resistance to injury
  • better sleep, increased alertness daily
  • lower your blood pressure, cholesterol
  • decreased instance of disease, etc., etc.

All of these benefits, and many more, all lead to a sense of well-being, improved self-esteem, more confidence, and more. So I know we can agree that regular exercise improves your quality of life. Not a bad deal. Right?
One more VERY important thing that is crucial to your success in your health & fitness program (before we get to “The Big-5″) is to know why most people fail to follow their programs consistantly. Here are the top 9:

  1. incomplete programs
  2. failure to address nutrition
  3. incomplete nutrition
  4. avoiding cardio
  5. pushing too hard, too fast
  6. no stretching (more aches & pains)
  7. no post workout nutrition
  8. lack of accountability
  9. lack of professional guidence

Can you identify with these struggles?
So now tht you are aware of the common pit-falls that stop most programs, let’s get into “The Big-5 Essential Keys To Success In Fitness”.

  1. define your goals, motivation, and your committment level
  2. evalutate your current state of health & fitness (fitness assessment)
  3. design a COMPLETE program to achieve your goals
  4. Take ACTION and implement your program
  5. Regularly assess your progress and update your program

Let’s take a closer look at those “Big-5″:

  1. Define your goals, motivation, and your committment level

What specifically do you wanna accomplish? What does success mean to you? Where do you wanna be? When do you want to accomplish these goals?
It’s very important to define your goals and set a reasonable time frame in which you plan to achieve them. Until you put them on paper, they are not real and you will most likely fail to achieve them.
Why are your goals important to you (what’s your motivation)? There has to be a reason why you are wanna get in shape (and because your spouse said so does not count). In order to succeed you’ve gotta have a strong “reason why”. Somewhere down the road it’s not gonna be easy. You might be tired or hungry and you’re gonna feel like callin it quits. Your strong “reason why” is what’s gonna help you push through those tough times and stick you your committment for better health & fitness. An example of a strong reason why could be that you’d like to keep up with your kids and your dr said you’re a prime candidate for heart disease… You don’t wanna die before your kids grow up. That is pretty strong. You’r reason may be diffferent, but you get the idea.
What’s your commitment level on a scale of 1-10? This is a very short and to the point fact: You’ve gotta be a 10. Like I said, at some point your program is gonna be tough to stick to. Your goals are gonna take some good old-fashioned hard work! But it will feel so good once ya do it. It’s sooo worth it in the end. Do you consider yourself a 10 for commitment level to your goals? Is something stopping you from being a 10?
Then you need to get yourself a fitness coach or personal fitness trainer to help fill in the gaps in your committment. Having a coach will raise you up to a 10. That way you’re never alone. We’re in this together.
In a couple days I’ll be back with part 2 (a quick and easy read, but just as important). Stay tuned

Chris Meredith, Owner
The Chris Meredith Method Training Studio

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