Client Of The Week: Gail M.

Hey! Chris here from The Chris Meredith Method Training Studio,

Today I wanna share an inspiring video with you about another client of the week: Gail M. I chose Gail as client of the week this time around (yet another very tough decision because my clients all rock!) because she trains with ALL-OUT INTENSITY every time! She never gears down to conserve her energy for the next exercise… which is a big part of why she is so fit :)

Great Job Gail!

If you are another client or perhaps you’re someone who is not currently a client, I hope you find this video and it inspires you to either take on a fitness regimen, or take your current program to the next level. Please let me know if you find this post inspiring by commenting after the video. Here ya go:

So what did ya think? Can ya see the raw intensity that she brings to every exercise? I know I do every time she comes in to workout! That wraps it up for me.

Thnx for tuning in for Motivation Monday’s Client Of The Week!

Committed to your fitness,

Chris Meredith, Owner
The Chris Meredith Method Training Studio


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