Is This What’s Holding You Back?? This One Thing Could Make All The Difference…(Part II)

Hey, Chris from HardCore Fitness Studio here,

Saturday I made  post about the one thing that could make all the difference. Mindset is the key and there are 3 very important & powerful weapons we all have in our arsenal: Meditation, Positive Affirmations, and Visualization. In the first post I left you with some simple steps you take to meditate and focus your mind (it’s important to focus your mind before taking the next step). Today’s post is covering step 2:

Positive Affirmations:

Once you’ve focused your mind, you’re subconscious is more easily persuaded to improve your mindset the way you want it to. I know you practiced your meditation, so here are the steps to making your most effective Positive Affirmations.

  1. First, recount your goals. For example: lose 20lbs. First, don’t lose anything. Your subconscious will only look for ways to find it and gain it back. Instead, eliminate it, throw it away, burn it, abolish it… Whatever word you choose, make sure it is in the form of throwing away your bodyfat. We don’t seek ways to get garbage back.
  2. Second, be thankful for what you have (may sound silly, but it REALLY helps to have positive vibes).
  3. Make your affirmation using words in a way to suggest that it is completely in your power to create your desired outcome. For example: “I am so happy and greatful, because I know I have everything I need, and I will apply it all, to abolish 20lbs of my unwanted bodyfat”

It’s that simple! :) Now that you have armed yourself with your very own powerful Positive Affirmation, you’re ready to apply it… And it’s REALLY EASY! Here’s how:

Step 1, meditate and focus your mind

Step 2, now that you are focused, use your Positive Affirmation and repeat it in your mind over and over again. Do this twice daily with your meditation.

Be sure and look for the next post where I will cover the detailed steps on using powerful Visualizations to finalize your mindset training.

Committed to your fitness,

Chris Meredith, Owner

The Chris Meredith Method Training Studio


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