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Working out on a regular basis can make some dramatic improvements to your life. If you want to climb the corporate ladder, then perhaps Kirkland personal training can help. Studies show that working out vigorously three times a week can slow the aging process. One study involved mice genetically programmed to age faster. The group living a sedentary life was bald, dying and very weak at 8 months, while the exercising mice with the same genetic alteration were going strong with full dark coats. By a year, none of the active mice died but all of the sedentary ones had. According to Dr. Tarnopolsky who conducted the experiments, it’s never too late to start exercising. You can look younger and fitter when you add exercise to your weekly schedule.

Exercise improves your mental capacity. Exercise increases the brain’s serotonin levels as well as blood flow to the brain. A short 20 minutes of exercise can have positive effects on the brain’s ability to process information according to a study from the University of Georgia. Another study from UCLA showed exercise stimulated the brain’s growth of new connections its plasticity making it easier to develop new neuron connections which means learning new material. Exercise also increases the heart rate and the increase of hormones providing more blood and oxygen to the brain.

You’ll not just look better and think faster when you exercise, you’ll be less prone to sick days. A number of different studies show the rate of work absenteeism dropped approximately 25 to 50 percent when employees participated in moderate exercise at least 45 minutes each day. The exercise was as simple as walking, so you can imagine the benefits of a more vigorous exercise program. That’s one reason many employers are offering free fitness classes for employees as part of their health care package.

You’re disposition will improve with the help of a personal trainer. Exercise improves your disposition by increasing endorphins, which help eliminate depression. Exercise also burns off stress related hormones and makes you more relaxed. You’ll also sleep better at night and that improves all areas of your life from mental clarity to attitude.

Personal trainers can help you with a healthy diet. Not only does exercise have an effect on your ability to function, the food you consume also plays a role.
You’ll look better and that helps you perform better at work. You’ll notice many of your relationships improving as you become more relaxed and confident.
You’ll walk taller after a few weeks of muscle strengthening exercise, which exudes confidence.
A personal trainer in Kirkland can insure you’re doing each exercise properly, eating a healthy diet and help you pace your routine for maximum benefit. Learning the proper techniques also help you avoid injury that can set your exercise program back months.

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