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Chris Meredith

Chris Meredith, Owner and creator of ‘The Chris Meredith Method’ – of Fitness. “With nearly 17 years experience as a personal trainer, I take pride in my business. I worked in various big-box gyms for the first 8 years of my training career. I could see there was really something wrong with the system. Too many people were falling through the cracks and not getting the results or the service they deserved…problem was, the management and owners didn’t care, as long as we signed up more people and the old members kept paying whether they came in or not.

I hated that aspect of working in the bigger gyms, but it gave me a great opportunity to take notes of all the things the big-box gyms were doing wrong. When I couldn’t take it anymore, I finally got my business license and started training people in their homes and offices.

Working for myself was great! But then I was either broke, or working 14+ hours a day and had no life. And working that much, I realized my own health and fitness was slipping. I couldn’t let that happen…not when I know I can only lead from the front.

The one thing I began to value above all else was balance. Not just the ability to stand on one foot for a prolonged period of time, but balance in life…having time to enjoy life and help my clients enjoy theirs.

To make a VERY long story short, I did a ton of research and experimentation with nutrition and exercise plans until I discovered the ultimate formula: We don’t count reps or sets. We count intensity over time. That’s the way our body decides how much change it’s going to make, so that’s what’ most important. And then I combined my training method with a combination of nutrition plans together that made the most sense (and then provided the best results for myself and my clients), and I call it ‘The Chris Meredith Method’ – of fitness (TCMM): 30 minute full-body workouts that target strength, endurance, balance, stability, agility, core & cardio strength! Since the results have a proven track record, I guarantee results, or your money back!

I go A.P.E. + S.H.I.T. for my clients (A.P.E. = Appreciation, Passion, Enthusiasm… S.H.I.T. = Super High Intensity Training). Come give us a try!”


Kerri Baker

I came to TCMM 2 years ago after a successful weight loss transformation.  At the time, I was training HOURS a day for fitness competitions, but found I actually get BETTER results training with TCMM.  I love being a part of a team that offers fitness options that are sustainable for life long results.  If I could get better results working out hours a day like I used to I would, but the fact is, I don’t – this works better.

I also believe Chris’s philosophy that life is about balance, so outside the studio I enjoy cooking, wine tasting, hiking, and photography.


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