Redmond Weight Loss

Let A Redmond Weight Loss Specialist Help You Succeed

If you’ve ever failed at diets before, you might want to secure the help of a Redmond weight loss specialist, such as a personal trainer. Personal trainers provide both diet and exercise programs to help you shed pounds faster. They also provide plenty of motivation and support to help you through the rough spots when you simply don’t see any results but know you’re sticking to the program. You’ll find it easier to stick to a diet when you’re working with another person who truly cares about your success.

Losing weight is simple in theory. It isn’t complicated, you simply eat fewer calories than you burn. However, in practice it can be quite difficult. You can use fancy diet programs, but they just address cutting calories. When you combine exercise with diet, which is the program a personal trainer will suggest, you increase the number of calories you burn with exercise.

Losing weight gets easier the longer you exercise. Not only will your endurance increase as you exercise more, the total number of calories you burn even when you’re not exercising increases. That’s because your muscle tissue increases and your fat tissue decreases. Muscle tissue burns more calories than fat tissue does, so even though you’re eating the same amount of calories, you’re losing weight faster and keeping it off.

You’ll look thinner when you exercise. One of the goals of losing weight is to look thinner. As you develop muscle tissue, you’ll do just that. Even if you never lost one pound but lost fat tissue and gained muscle tissue, you’d look thinner. That’s because muscle tissue weighs more per square inch. It’s similar to comparing a pound of feathers with a pound of lead with fat being the feathers and lead being muscle. You’d have a much smaller container for the pound of lead than you would with a pound of feathers.

If you’re losing weight for your health, exercise helps with that too. Exercise helps lower blood pressure, improves your cholesterol, prevents stroke and diabetes, as well as lifts depression, prevents some forms of cancer and helps manage arthritis.

Personal trainers create programs designed specifically for your fitness levels and goals. As you improve, the trainer makes adjustments in your programs to increase the benefits.

Personal trainers can provide motivation just by making you accountable. You might have second thoughts about eating the last piece of cake if you know you’ll be weighing in the next day.

A personal trainer can insure you’re doing each exercise properly to help you maximize their benefits and avoid injury. Injury can keep you out of the gym for weeks, which is devastating for any fitness goal.