TCMM Training Center

TCMM Training Center

If you’re here, congrats! You’re a member of my team and we will help thousands of clients get fit, lean, healthy & strong – effectively changing their lives and helping them become the best versions of themselves. In order to do that, we have to grow personally and educate ourselves while taking massive action to make our dreams reality. Are you ready???

Below are several video modules I’ve put together to help you form a better understanding of TCMM Fitness. You’ll learn simple things like: What is TCMM Fitness? The TCMM vision/mission. How is TCMM different from the gym, boot camp or training studio down the street? How to deliver awesome workouts that not only deliver amazing results, but also get people talking and bringing their friends next time…workouts that are fun and build community. Common ways your body (and our clients’ bodies) cheat intensity to reduce our results…more importantly, how to identify and avoid these subconscious cheats that blunt our results.

There’s much more you’ll learn over the course of these modules, but let’s get strait into the learning.

Video 1: TCMM Fitness – Vision, Mission, Method

Video 2: What is TCMM Fitness: A Closer Look At The Method

The next video covers the #1 most important thing you can start implementing RIGHT NOW to be a 10x better trainer. Add this into the workouts you train and our clients will rave about you to their friends and then refer them.

Video 3: How to deliver an awesome workout EXPERIENCE: A.P.E.S.H.I.T.

While the energy you bring is super important part of the workout experience, the structure and execution of the workout plays the biggest part in getting our clients results they can see and feel, which will ultimately keep them coming, since that’s what they came for in the first place. In the next several videos, I’ll show you how to maximize your workouts and training sessions with effective time management, exercise combinations and more. Check it out.

Video 4: Creating an Awesome Workout 1: Effective Time Management

Video 5: Creating an Awesome Workout: Exercise Combos

The only way to fulfill our mission to help 10,000 local clients get fit, lean, healthy & strong is to grow. That means you’ll be training/coaching new people all the time…people who come with vastly different backgrounds and varying degrees of fitness. There are several things we need to impress upon new people from the very first day they arrive (and it’s a great idea to reinforce these things with our current clients as well – we all need reminders now and again). In the next video, I’ll cover most of them. Be sure to watch this next video several times and learn the lingo – you’ll be tested on it…for reals 🙂